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From a Far Eastern perspective, menopause is seen as a natural process. Menopause is not an illness, but is part of the natural process of aging in women, which, according to Chinese medicine, takes place over a period of about 20 years. In theory, this slow transition could be carried out almost unnoticed, which is unfortunately different in practice.


We live in a hectic world that places many demands on us women. Often we have to function and forget to listen to our soul and body. The body in particular then defends itself against this "neglect" and the soul also reports physical complaints. Both want to draw our attention to processes that need to be considered within us.


The hormone system is massively affected. The resulting symptoms are varied. Some women suffer greatly from the typical symptoms such as hot flashes, depression or headaches. Other women develop more subtle symptoms that are not initially associated with the onset of menopause.


With all these symptoms, Shiatsu can be wonderfully supportive! Shiatsu, especially Wellmother Shiatsu, affects the hormone system. The extraordinary meridians are primarily used here. These miracle meridians nourish the classic meridian system and play a decisive role in hormonal imbalances.

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