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A healer does not heal you.

A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your

inner healer, so that you may heal yourself!“


- Maryam Hasnaa


I would love to accompany you during times of change, rough times and times where you face health issues of any kind. By offering you therapeutic Shiatsu treatments, Tong Ren Tapping-Acupuncture, Theta Healing and Aura Surgery Coaching sessions, conversation and tips for your everyday life I aim to support your inner and outer processes on all levels - body, spirit and soul.


My work is meant to support medical treatments you already undertake with your health professionals (Doctors, Midwives, Psychotherapists e.g.) and not to replace them.

"If you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything."

- Lao Tzu 



Shiatsu is a Japanese body therapy and literally means "finger pressure". Pressure is applied to different parts of the body with the thumb, thenar pad, elbow or knee.


You lie fully clothed (comfortable clothes, like yoga) on a mat on the floor and I  work with pressure along the meridians by "squeezing" the body with my hands, thumbs, thenars, elbows or knees “. By pressing I mean deep, mindful touch, which can sometimes be a bit firmer, but doesn't have to be. Some points (they are called tsubos in Japanese) of the body want to be held more, others need more deep pressure, and other areas want to be stretched or moved. What everyone needs is very individual and will be adjusted by me during the treatment.


Meridians are energy channels that run through the entire body and are assigned to internal organs. There are points on these meridians called tsubos in Japanese. One or the other will know these points from acupuncture, because they are the same. Shiatsu has a similar effect to acupuncture, only without needles and, in my opinion, more holistically, because not only individual points are pressed, but the entire meridian course is balanced by the touch.


So I press different points, combine that with stretches and rotations and balance your meridian system. Tensions can be released. The inner organs are relieved and/or get more energy. Your body and soul receive health-promoting impulses through the treatment.

Another important aspect of Shiatsu is that you feel and perceive your body well again. In this way, a better body feeling is possible and your own body perception is trained. Your self-healing powers are activated and your body enters a deep state of relaxation during the Shiatsu treatment. Shiatsu has a holistic approach and treats body, mind and soul.


You can find more information about Shiatsu here:


Else Kiesling-Eckel

Naturopath & Shiatsu practitioner

Practice for naturopathy, shiatsu & coaching

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