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Tong Ren tapping acupuncture is a wonderful technique to open blockages in the body's bio-electrical system.

These blockages can be the cause of all sorts of symptoms, ailments and illnesses. If these blockages are opened, the bio-electrical signals in the body can flow freely again or be passed on, the self-healing powers are stimulated and the system can realign itself.


This method does not work directly on the body, but on a doll with a small hammer. This means that with this form of acupuncture you do not have to come to the practice (but of course you are welcome to come) and you will not have any needles stuck into your body.

You make yourself comfortable on your couch or in another place at the previously agreed time and we facetime, zoom or skype for the duration of the session. This usually lasts 30 minutes (the first appointment lasts 1 hour). It is important that you are undisturbed during this time.

A Tong Ren tapping acupuncture is very relaxing, so please allow yourself a few extra minutes to rest afterwards.


If, for various reasons, you cannot come to Shiatsu regularly, but still want to do something good for yourself and your health, then Tong Ren tapping acupuncture is a wonderful alternative or supplement to Shiatsu treatment, as well as to all other forms of therapy , regardless of whether it is of a naturopathic or conventional medical nature.


Tong Ren tapping acupuncture was developed by Chinese acupuncturist Tom Tam. Tom Tam lives and works in Boston, USA and has his own center there. For more information go to: & & . These pages are in English.

The German website is currently under construction and will soon be available at .

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