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Your body performs tremendously during pregnancy. The hormonal shift alone is great, not to mention the intricate system that allows the baby to grow and thrive until it's ready to begin the birthing journey. No one is surprised that this change pushes your body to its limits. As nice as this experience is, a little companionship and support during this time has never hurt a woman.


Shiatsu can help you to make the hormonal change easier and you to develop a good body feeling. The relationship with your unborn child is strengthened, you learn to pay attention to the signals of both your baby and your body. (Which of course is also a great advantage with regard to the birth. - see also birth "journey" preparation)


Shiatsu can specifically help you with various pregnancy problems:


–      Nausea

–       back pain

–       heavy legs

–      tense shoulders/tense neck etc.


Shiatsu also makes you more emotionally balanced. In a protected environment you can devote yourself entirely to yourself and connect with your baby.

I'll show you exercises that relieve typical pregnancy symptoms and at the same time get you fit for childbirth, and we'll work on your posture, as this is very important during pregnancy in order to prevent various physical problems.


My experience with Shiatsu in pregnancy shows that it not only has a positive effect on the mothers, but also on the babies. These are usually much more balanced after birth. Of course there is no guarantee, but my experience shows that.

Shiatsu is not a substitute for regular preventive appointments with the midwife and the doctor treating you, but a useful supplement.


Shiatsu can be practiced throughout pregnancy. If you are unsure when you can come for a Shiatsu treatment, please book a free consultation .

To book an appointment, go here.

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