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Makko Ho Meridian Stretches & guided Meditation & Shiatsu tips

  • Begonnen am: 28. Juli
  • 99 Euro
  • Online zoom meeting

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Makko Ho is the name for a sequence of meridian stretching exercises that free up blocked chi (energy in our bodies), increase your flexibility and improve your body awareness. After the exercise part you relax with a guided meditation. You will also learn about body processes from aura surgery that you can later "run" at home to release tension and unuseful patterns. I will also share my favorite shiatsu tricks for everyday life. The exercises are simple and suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels - even for beginners and the untrained. After registration and payment of the course fee you will receive the Zoom link or a video link via e-mail. The course consists of 4 sessions of 50 min. each. You can repeat or enjoy the classes at any time if you missed the live zooms.

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